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Stretch Armstrong in Vanity Fair

Stretch Armstrong’s Top 5 in the February issue of Vanity Fair. He may not be able to juggle as many affairs as the man on the cover but he can certainly do his bizness on the turntables. Come check him spin tomorrow night at at 2oo Orchard‘s Plant Music party with Tittsworth, Dominique and Gavin Royce, hosted by Nicky Digital.

Loose Shus, Get It?

Dave L. a.k.a. Loose Shus, is awesome.  He’s probably the only person I know that can rock a live set, run funky visuals, and talk about loop quantum cosmology all at the same time, which all things considered is not a bad skill set to possess.  It’s been a few months since he released his Taurus E.P. with us at Plant, so I figured I’d treat you all to a cut off the record.

Download Loose Shus – Mmmmhmmmm

You probably want to light some candles and dim the lights before you put this on.  It’s that sexy.

Check Dave’s page here, and pick up the full Taurus E.P. at Mmmmmhmmmmmmm.

Bonus: Snag this unreleased remix of “Threesome” by our very own DJ Wool.

Raveonettes ‘Last Dance’ (Kap10Kurt Remix)

Danish New Yorkers The Ravelonettes get a Euro Dance overhaul by Plant Music’s Kap10Kurt. It’s been a while since Kurt has done a new remix and this is great. It’s super poppy and takes ‘Last Dance’ into a world of dreamy dance music. It also just got posted today on RCRDLBL

Download it Here

Plant Music Next Saturday at 200 Orchard

Plant Music Saturday at 200 Orchard

featuring DJs….


hosted/photos by Nicky Digital

No Cover
10 PM
200 Orchard Street