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Legendary producer, beat maker, record digger and all-around great guy Mark the 45 King just sent me this video clip of his custom iphone 3.1.4 update.  This is not an app. Rather, it changes the look and sound of the iphone in its entirety while also adding some cool apps and features as well.  That’s one funky phone, man.

Happy early birthday to

Kurt, Jesse and Dom‘s dad.

from the Plant Music fam.

Video of Plant Music Party at Ella last Wednesday

Thanks to Nicky Digital for yet another fun party at Ella last week. The next one is Wed March 17 (St. Patrick’s Day) with The Glass live and DJ sets.

NROTB ‘Droplet’ video

Getting a lot of love on the blogs and elsewhere. Check it out on iHeart Comix, Discobelle, Audio Porn Central, Dancefloor Mayhem and Sluttyfringe.

Buy NROTB ‘Droplet’ EP on Beatport/iTunes