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I can’t tell you how often I get mistaken for Stretch…

It’s always some left over Rawkus-era cat who just discovered Williamsburg that rolls up to me like “What up Stretch!?”

At first, I think he’s calling me that just because of my elongated frame, but soon after I realize “Wow, this guy really thinks I’m Stretch Armstrong”

Believe me, I get it. Stretch and I are both tall & lanky white Hip-Hop dudes. But that’s where the similarity ends. For instance, age-wise Stretch has almost a decade on me, and went grey a few years ago. It’s a suave salt-n-peppery look which I one day hope to grow into, (I recently spotted my first grey hair, yikes) but for now, my domepiece is covered by a luxurious forest of dark, dark brown. He’s also a good 2 inches taller than I am, and not deathly anorexic.

“Yeah, but you both have that Jewey Eastern European look going on…”

What, we both have big noses? Is that what you’re trying to say? Listen motherf*cker, if you want a “Jewey Eastern European look,” take a stroll down to South 9th Street & Bedford Avenue. Then talk to me!

I’m not sure that Stretch even has any Jewish blood. This topic has been the subject of much critical debate, but has never been confirmed either way. There were indeed a lot of Jews involved in the Rap Music Biz, but his real name is Adrian Bartos, and that sounds Greek to me. Somebody told me he was of Polish descent. Whatever, he’s definitely clockin’ that Jewish paper, which is why I’m never mad when people get us confused.

I’ve decided to just roll with it. There are definitely worse people to be mistaken for. After all, my man is highly respected in his field, runs his own record label, has a mega-hot girlfriend, a sweet pad in Tribeca, and gets flown all over the world to spin awesome parties for a minimum fee of 10 Grand a pop. I could definitely benefit from this mix-up! So here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m going to get fake Stretch Armstrong business cards made, identical to the real ones except for one minor detail – they will contain MY contact info.

“Why does it say “”?!

Don’t worry about it! It’s an inside joke, long story…

I’m gonna ride this thing out as long as I possibly can: travel the globe, fly first class, stay at fancy hotels, eat caviar, perform at all the most chi-chi venues, until I inevitably get exposed as an imposter, or even worse, someone approaches me and says “What up Rok One!?

You’ve been an amazing audience. Tune in next Wednesday for another epic rant from Stretch – I mean yours truly…

-Rok Armstrong

Clubfeet ‘Gold on Gold’ out today

There are a lot of smiles at Plant headquarters these days.  Why?  Clubfeet.  That’s why.  We are elated that we can finally share their music with the rest of the world, at last able to answer the question we’ve heard so many times over the last year, “so when is Clubfeet coming out?” with a “RIGHT NOW!” Our favorite band’s debut album Gold on Gold is available via  iTunes and Amazon and it just got a great review and Q&A in Filter Magazine. Clubfeet are not only a great band but they are extremely funny lads, two hailing from Capetown and the other from Melbourne, where they all reside. Read the Q&A and you will get it.

Their new single “Count Your Lovers,” with remixes by Eli Escobar, Udachi, Boltan (AC Slater & Udachi) and Australia’s Elke also dropped today on Beatport and iTunes.  Also check out the great video to that single, starring Australian model Tia Eckhardt.  Oo la la!

Munk “Down in L.A.” Them Jeans Remix

Munk’s “Down in L.A.” single came out on Plant Music this week with remixes by Fantastadon, Them Jeans, Dan-Oh and Grand Theft. We are pleased to offer up the very cool Them jeans remix for free download.

Munk “Down in L.A.” (Them Jeans Remix)

Get the full release with all the remixes on iTunes, Beatport or Amazon

Dominique & Will Eastman DJ at Bliss at U Hall in DC

Will Eastman‘s BLISS party has been going strong in DC for over 10 years. This Saturday Dominique (that’s me) joins Will on the decks for a night of party tunes at Will and Tittsworth’s U Street Music Hall. Check out the Facebook invite. Also grab this DJ mix Dominique did for Scion Radio (less the voice overs) for your ipod. The new album by The Glass just came back from mastering and will be getting a release this fall on Plant Music. Also Will’s ‘Feelin” single gets another release with a whole new set of great remixes. Dom and Will, who share similar tastes and backgrounds (well we both speak French and play bass) have never Dj’ed together so it should be a good time.