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Smalltown Romeo DJ mix

We posted this amazing Smalltown Romeo video already but we thought we’d post it again ’cause it’s so damn good. They also did a great DJ mix for us (well Wax Romeo actually) which you can grab via soundcloud. We especially love the Frankie Goes to Hollywood acapellas.

Party Motion Mix by Plant Music

Danny Daze: DownHer EP

Miami’s Danny Daze is Daniel Gomez, a studio nerd and DJ with a taste for Techno. Djing at raves at the age of 13 is how his obsession with this sound was born. Raised in Florida, Daze is influenced by his Cuban culture, giving him the Latin influence heard in some of his music and sets. Also counting Giorgio Moroder and Anthony Rother as heavy influences, Daze’s DJ sets are deeply commanded by Detroit Techno and Italo Disco. Along with his solo project, Daze is also a member of Señor Stereo, newly found Disco trio based in Miami. Despite being from there, Danny Daze is proud to say “real DJs don’t have a tan.”

The release features the A Side “DownHer” and AA side “Ghetto Fab” featuring vocals by the late Aaron Carl. The EP is out now on Beatport exclusive.

Danny Daze – DownHer EP by Danny Daze

Distant Shores # 1 – Nhan Solo

Nhan Solo is a Plant Music homeboy from Berlin.  He runs Neighborhood Management and booking agency, repping some great acts like Acid Kids , DJ Pierre, Golden Bug, Moullinex, Play Paul and Xinobi.  His latest single “Gandy” is an excellent example of the club sound I’m liking right now, kind of post-minimal.  It’s light and fun just where it should be with sick, deep bass that doesn’t assault the eardrums.  Killer Berlin DJ Oliver $ turns the proceedings up a notch with the top quality dance floor vibe he’s known for.  And of course I really do love video edits of old movies….

Nhan Solo : Gandy EP Teaser : Semester Musik 001 by Nhan Solo

Distant Shores – Glen ‘DJ Wool’ Brady checks in with artists and tracks discovered here, there and everywhere.

Yelle DJ Set At Tribeca Grand w/ Kap10Kurt & Dominique