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Crazy Kids…


They say the children that spin around and round with outstretched arms til they pass out on the lawn are the ones who end up doing drugs later in life. We say the ones who strap on velcro suits and jump on walls end up in meeting in Hollywood nightclubs and making house music. Kevin Ross and Enrique Martinez prove at least one of those theories true.

After releases on Hot N Heavy and ALiVE Recordings, the duo better known as Velcro have brought their classic house sound to Plant with their “Runaway” EP which is now available exclusively on Beatport (iTunes and elsewhere March 4). We’ve also decided to stream the entire EP for you on our Soundcloud. BUT THAT’S NOT ALL.

Plant is in a really giving mood at the moment. It may be this sudden nice NY weather or the fact that we’ve had such a great Black History Month (a collective Plant best since 2008!), but if you act now, we’re offering a free DL of Velcro’s home city-inspired “City of Angels” AT THIS VERY MOMENT! You may have heard this song if you listened to Todd ‘The God’ Edwards terrific new Dummy mix. And you may have heard of him because he just won a freaking Grammy. You may also have heard title track “Runaway” if you listen to Sinden’s  Kiss FM radio show. And you may hear any one of their excellent bootlegs if you go to a discerning nightclub in the immediate future.

You may definitely hear a lot about Velcro in 2014 with tons of releases planned, starting with this one. So go get your druggie kids out of the yard and off the walls and let them check out this EP…it could just save their lives.