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Wlly P & Black Russian “Just Take It”

EZLV “Can’t Explain” Feat. Freya out now

ezlv_cantexplain 600

Montreal’s EZLV drop a great new EP on Plant Music. Check it out on Beatport or iTunes.

All Clash Feet


The imitable Clash Music has premiered All Dom Wrong‘s dubby remix of Oz’s great and powerful Clubfeet.

The original track, ‘Follow Me Down,’ is taken from their record Heirs & Graces, while the remix is from the above pictured remix disc, both of which are really quite good. Check  out the piece here.

Gomez v Gomez / Daniel v Daniel

Gomez v Gomez

Steve Gomez, or “Gomie” to his homies, was a DEA agent of Mexican descent in Albuquerque, NM who was killed in the line of duty in the Mojave Desert. Daniel Gomez (no relation), or “Danny Daze” to his homies, is a producer/DJ of Cuban descent from Miami, FL. Steve and Daniel share not only a last name, but also love of deep, dark, underground techno music, as well as photographing drugs on ceilings.

Daniel Avery is the shit-hot DJ/producer of British descent who just dropped his debut LP Drone Logic and whom Plant’s Chris Tarantino (no relation) recently interviewed  for The Village Voice. Avery and Daze not only share a first name, but also a love of the same kind of music as the Gomezes do (although Avery is less interested in the aforementioned ceiling drugs).

Daze recently remixed Avery’s ‘Naive Response’ on Erol Alkan’s Phantasy Sound:

Avery in turn invited Daze to guest on his excellent RinseFM radio show. Daze’s bangin mix begins just before the one hour mark:

Sadly, Gomie has been interviewed nowhere and guested on nothing since his murder in September of this year. Happily, Daze’s ‘Down Her’ EP on Plant is still available at Beatport though. Here is the AA side: