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Gabby Mejia brought the Gang one more time for an awesome party at Santos Party House Sunday 09/23. Great people and great music with  Arthur Baker, the Rub’s Cosmo Baker, Stretch Armstrong, Ge-ology, Disques Sinthomme’s Dennis Kane, Chinatown’s Brennan Green, Whatever/Whatever’s Justin Strauss and Bryan Mette, Kaviar Disco Club’s Beto Cravioto and Travmatic, Let’s Play House’s Jacques Renault, Metro Area’s Darshan Jesrani, Alex from Tokyo and Dominique Keegan.

Check out Kenny Rodriguez ‘s photos on Flickr !!

Hans Zimmer’s Studio…

via Stuck In Customs

Hans Zimmer is probably one of the most prolific contemporary musicians today. Zimmer is one of the world’s most sought after music composers and his diverse filmography includes The Lion King, Inception, The Dark Knight, Pirates of the Caribbean, Black Rain, Radio Flyer, True Romance, Cool Runnings, The Rock, Gladiator, Black Hawk Down, The Last Samurai, Sherlock Holmes and just about every other dope movie in the last 30 years…

This is some next level shit…

More pics after the jump and at the original article. (Which has some awesome insightful tidbits but at times the interviewer can seem a bit creepy.)


Back from the D

What’s good Plant Family.

Plant crew and Assoc. just got back from Movement in Detroit. Got full coverage coming at you from some of NY’s finest including:

Turtle Tales: A Diary of the D

Art aficionado Faces Ink

Everyone’s favorite party girl A.POP

Blood rainmaker Carly of Rinsed fame

and chin stroker extraordinaire Modern Scene

Besides all that got some nice parties coming up, new releases, the continuing Plant Podcast, your mom’s birthday, and so much more.


O yea and this is in…


Plant Music x Nouveau York

The Lovin’ continued last Sunday at Le Bain for Neil Aline’s birthday. Shout out to everyone who came through.

Pics are up on Nicky Digital.