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Beto Cravioto on WNYU Tonight

Catch our very own Bet Cravioto as he plays on WNYU‘s Trip the Light show.
Check out his recent debut EP Where You and I Meet.


Kaviar Disco Club: Rated One of City’s Best Summer Parties

Kaviar Disco Club, comprised of Resident DJs and Plant artists, Travmatic and Beto Cravioto was just rated by Complex Magazine as one of NYC’s best Summertime Parties. Congrats guys!

“Resident DJs Travmatic and Beto Cravioto host this roaming disco/house party with special guests (past guests have included Claptone, Homework, and Tanner Ross), making for what is arguably one of the best parties in New York. The duo aims to throw one party a week all summer, in venues from secret rooftops to underground clubs and warehouses. Start hanging out with these guys, you won’t be disappointed and you’ll never be bored.”


Bad Boy Beto

Family member Beto Cravioto was interviewed by Pulp Lab. Check it!

Dont forget to check out his EP “Where You And I Meet

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