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Auction house Phillips de Pury organized a major sale of hip-hop jewelry and artifacts from the past two decades. Originally scheduled for October 1st, the first-of-its-kind sale has been pushed back to March 5th as a result of overwhelming interest from cosigners and buyers and will take place in New York City.  As a taste of what it will look like, Phillips has included some of these pieces in their current Music auction in London, which includes several that were commissioned and worn by surprise, Damon Dash, the most impressive of which is a diamond cross pendant ring, estimated at $150,000 to $200,000 which was like, chump change a few years ago.  But now, it’s REAL money.

Simon de Pury, the Chairman of the Phillips, states: “This auction will be the first of its kind and from an early stage, we saw an appetite for works from this era in cultural and music history. These extraordinarily designed pieces herald one of the most groundbreaking and era-defining movements of the late 20th and early 21st Century. We have determined that there is more significant property to be consigned and that to enlarge the sale we will increase the offering which is in great demand. As an art company that is dedicated to presenting the best of contemporary culture, Phillips de Pury & Company is thrilled that the reception has been so positive.”  Hmmm… “extraordinarily designed”?  That’s pushing it. Aside from the sheer gaudiness and waste of the whole bling bling era, this sale is certainly a momentous event, rich in layers of meaning.  But what I can’t wait to see is who didn’t consign pieces.  I’m no jewelry expert, but in my time in hip-hop, I’ve seen a lot of really cloudy bling.  Can you say cubic zirconia?

These, however, are real, and on sale:

Cross and EyepatchSomehow, when Slick was the only one blinging, it was cool, but then again, just about anything Rick did was.  Slick Rick’s multi-colored diamond eye patch, with its camo design, is actually pretty handsome and is estimated at $29,000-$42,000.  The same can’t be said about these Rocafella pendants that Damon Dash made and wore  (wasn’t the Roc logo always an eye-sore?) which are estimated at $5,000-$7,200:

Rocafella PendantsHappy bidding (if you can afford it!).

And for your listening pleasure, a gem from my man O.C., “Jewelz”