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Matpat’s “Everybody Rise” Out Today on Beatport




Wool: Live Studio Video

What Wool has to say about his live studio video:

This music equipment used in this video: Machinedrum UW, X0X Box (6 Mods), Eventide Space, Kaoss Pad 3, Boss DD3 Delay, Mackie 8 Channel Mixer.  No Computer, Sans Ordinateur, Ohne Laptop.

This video is not about criticizing the use of computers in music. It’s more about getting away from the creative headspace that computers confine me to.  It’s about making unique choices, expressing and surprising myself musically. Mistakes are made and there’s always room for happy accidents.  I’ve got all the computers and software I’ll ever need to make music but I find myself spending less and less time making music with that set up.   Without realizing it sometimes when I interact with tactile machines performance becomes the motivation and having fun becomes the primary task.

It was recorded in real time on 3 cameras (except for a couple of head shots…is that cheating?) at my studio in Northern California.  It was shot by Bill Shore and edited by Shane Duggan.  Awesome and creative characters both!

The 2 tracks performed are Rock Opera and Purple Ohm (Discobelle Records, Plant Music).  The original tracks are about 6 minutes long but for the purpose of this video run at about 3 minutes each.   In an actual ‘live’ scenario they would be closer to the originals in terms of length.

Now just waiting on that analog drum machine to arrive…..

Rock Opera is out now on Discobelle Records
Purple Ohm is out now on Plant Music

and Stop by the Wool homepage for some free music, tour dates and love

Wool – 3 Years In Neukölln EP

New Wool EP on Spain’s Tracey Recordings out soon. The good man has graced us with a free download. So get it, then buy it, then wiggle around your bedroom. Or with friends.

Wool – 3 Years In Neukölln Ep available June 29 on Tracy Recordings by djwool

Wool’s “The Good In You” dropped today…


Wool, formerly DJ Wool on Plant’s first ever release, is a phenomenal DJ and producer. He is one half of The Glass and has been releasing solo material and remixes on many different labels including Top Billin’Discobelle and his own We Collect Enemies imprint.

His “The Good In You” release is a three song EP of original slow house/melodic techno tracks and remixes. The title song sits perfectly with the new wave of slower dance music favored by DJs from Berlin to San Francisco, two towns Wool now calls home. Check it out exclusively on Beatport.

Remixes come courtesy of NY to LA transplant DJ Sabo who keeps the downtempo direction, Plant Music’s Heavyfeet who jack it up with their UK garage and house sound and LA’s Pools (aka Mike B. and Morse Code) who take the b-side “Rehabilitate It” in a lo-fi 90’s direction.

Wool – The Good In You Ep – Out now on Plant Music by djwool